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Cultural Customs and Diplomatic Dilemmas (Part One: Chusel)

Second part of A Golden Cage, which I posted on Christmas Eve. :) (Part I and Part II, in case memories need to be refreshed.) (And I really need suggestions for a title for this whole thing, because A Golden Cage is actually the name of the first chapter, not the entire project.) I am entirely open to criticism and suggestions for anything that needs fixing…pick away!

Title: Cultural Customs and Diplomatic Dilemmas (Part One: Chusel)
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 2,421 words
Challenge: N/A
Rating: Uh…I don’t see anything offensive, probably G. (Though I doubt there would be mentions of harems and slavery in a Disney movie. ^.~)

[down for editing]
Edit: AGH.  FREAKING FORMATTING.  I think it's mostly fixed now, though. >_<
Tags: fantasy, kailita

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