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The Muse's Stewpot

A Challenge Community

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Welcome to The Muse's Stewpot, a community whose main purpose is to either get members back into writing, overcome writer’s block, or take a break from real life or a piece of writing already being worked on. (there is a lovely story as to how I came up with this name ... perhaps if you ask nicely I'll tell ...)

Rules/General Knowledge

1. Any genre is accepted here: fantasy, sci-fi, romance, horror, etc. Even fanfiction, though disclaimers must be applied in this situation.

2. As of the moment, any rating is allowed, with one requirement- a warning as to the content, in the form of a rating (i.e. NC-17, R, PG, etc ...) and even a warning of possible objectional material contained behind the LJ cut. Note that this rule is subject to change at my (the moderator’s) discretion.

3. Length is of no consequence, as long as it is put behind an lj cut. The only exception to this is if you are replying to a challenge that has a stated word limit- and even then, if you are super inspired, go ahead and write it.

4. It is highly encouraged (but not yet mandatory) that you help out other writers by providing them with constructive criticism ... emphasis on the word constructive. No flaming, cursing, etc ... please be grown-up and polite, and know that if things descend into chaos the mod will be very displeased and the consequences aren’t worth the indulgence in anger. Drama is only appreciated in fiction ...

5. At any given time there should be two challenges up and running ... just for the variety of things. Perhaps even more ... but never less.

6. Please, if you have any challenge ideas, deposit them in the Stewpot (which should be put up shortly) ... if your challenge is chosen, you will be given due credit for it, or it may be melded with another ... depends on how things go. Help in brainstorming is much appreciated!!

7. If you continue writing a story based off one of the challenges, by all means, continuing posting your work here for us to read and concrit!

8. Follow the following format when submitting a challenge response:
Challenge #:
Disclaimers: If any should apply...


Highly loved/urged is the posting of an introduction, containing the following ...

Name: (you don't have to give your real name)
An interesting fact or two about yourself: